Frequently Asked Questions

Which web browser plugins do I need?

Flash and Widevine plugins are only required when using Internet Explorer on Windows 7. All other browsers should already have these plugins installed. If not, they can be installed for free online.

How do I enable JavaScript?

Internet Explorer: Select the “Tools” menu, then select “Internet Options”, then select “Security”. Select the “Default Level”. Click “OK”, then reload the page.

Firefox: By default, Firefox enables the use of JavaScript. If JavaScript is not working, ensure that there are no extensions installed which may be blocking it.

Chrome: Select “Customise” and control Google Chrome (the icon with three stacked horizontal lines on the right of the address bar). From the drop-down menu, select “Settings”. At the bottom of the page, select “Show Advanced Settings”. Under “Privacy”, select the “Settings” button. Finally, under the “JavaScript” heading, select “Allow all sites to run JavaScript” button.

Safari: Select the “Edit” drop-down menu at the top of the window, then select “Preferences”. Select the “Security” icon/tab at the top on the window. Then, check the “Enable JavaScript” checkbox. Close the window to save changes, then reload the page.

Which web browsers are compatible?

On Windows 7 or above:

Firefox (Version 56 and above)

Chrome (Version 75 and above)

Internet Explorer 11 (only in Desktop mode, not supported on Windows 7)

Microsoft Edge (Version 25 with EdgeHTML 13)

On Mac OS X 10.5.8 and above:

Safari (Version 11 and above)

Firefox (Version 56 and above)

Chrome (Version 75 and above)

On Linux: Chrome (Most recent, stable build)

How does AirPlay work (available on Apple devices)?

You can AirPlay streaming content from the SATOD site for iOS (iPhone or iPad) to a smart TV (2nd, 3rd or 4th Generation). Ensure that your iOS device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your smart TV. Launch the show on your iOS device. When you select content to stream, you will see an AirPlay icon on the bottom right corner of the video player. Select this icon and pair it to your smart TV.

How do I cast content to a Chromecast or Google Cast device?

You can cast streaming content from an iOS and/or android device to devices that support Google Cast and/or casting in general. Ensure that your iOS/android device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the Google cast receiver. Launch the video. Select the Google cast icon that appears on the video and pair it to your Google cast receiver. When you select content to cast, the content will play out via the Google Cast receiver.

Which Android devices are supported?

Android phones and tablets running Android 4.4.0 or higher.

Android TV devices running Android 4.4.0 or higher, including:


Nexus Player

Sony BRAVIA (More Information)

Sharp AQUOS (More Information)

Philips Android TV (More Information)

Please note: Due to manufacturer differences, the application may not work on all devices. Application availability may vary from country to country.

Are subtitles available?

Subtitles are not available for all the shows. Shows that have subtitles will be indicated. If your purchase is dependent on subtitles, please ensure that the show that you would like to watch supports the subtitles feature.

Internet Connection Speed Recommendations

Below are the internet download speed recommendations per stream for playing shows on the South African Theatre On Demand platform.

0.5 Megabits per second - Required broadband connection speed

1.5 Megabits per second - Recommended broadband connection speed

3.0 Megabits per second - Recommended for SD quality

5.0 Megabits per second - Recommended for HD quality

25 Megabits per second - Recommended for Ultra HD quality

Is the payment gateway secure?

SATOD makes use of only one payment gateway, Peach Payment, which is a Cape Town-based company that offers excellent support and advanced fraud detection tools including: real-time checks to screen transaction, real-time risk checking, 120+ advanced algorithms to detect and prevent fraud, integrations with 3rd party risk service providers such as Retail Decisions and 3DSecure.

Methods of payment

SATOD currently uses two methods of payment: payment with debit or credit card, and Secure Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Please ensure that the card you are using to make your purchase has not expired, and has not reached its online payments limit before making your purchase.

Can I get a refund?

In the event that you are unable to access your purchase due to a fault on the SATOD platform, SATOD will refund you. Contact us directly via our chatbot found either at the bottom right-hand side of your device screen (desktop) or at the bottom of the screen (mobile device). We will do our best to make sure that you receive what you have purchased, and we will troubleshoot any errors that may have occurred.

Unfortunately, SATOD cannot refund your purchase in the event that you are not satisfied with the virtual show that you have watched. If you have accidentally purchased a ticket to the incorrect production, please contact us via our chatbot for further assistance.

How long do I have to watch the virtual theatrical experience that I have purchased?

Every product has been allocated an expiry time of the purchase, as per the request of the content rights holder. Most of the shows on our platform will be available for 48hrs from the time of purchase but it may vary from production to production. Once you have made your purchase, you will receive proof of purchase via email and the expiration date and time will be provided in this email.

I purchased a ticket but can only see the trailer.

Please make sure that you are signed in to your account that the purchase was made from before playing the video that you have purchased to view. If you are only able to watch the trailer, it is probable that you may be signed out of your account.

I wanted to watch a show but keep getting a "502 Bad Gateway" error

A 502 (Bad Gateway) error is an HTTP status code indicating that a server didn't receive a valid request from another server. To resolve an error 502 message: Reload the page using one of the following methods:

  • Press F5 on your keyboard (Cmd + R on a Mac).
  • Click the refresh/reload button at the top of your browser.
  • Re-enter the URL into your address bar and press Enter.
If the problem still persists

Try incognito mode

Try opening your site in incognito mode.

If you are not experiencing issues in incognito mode then you're likely experiencing a local issue. Continue with the steps below.

Clear your cache

Local issues can often be resolved by clearing your browser's cache.

If the issue is not resolved, try disabling your browser's add-ons and extensions.

Disable add-ons and extensions

Local issues can also be caused by extensions or add-ons (including those installed by security programs).

To disable your Google Chrome extensions:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click the More icon .

3. Select More tools and click Extensions.

4. Deselect the Enabled checkbox.

To disable your Firefox extensions:

1. Open Firefox.

2. Click the Menu icon .

3. Select Add-ons.

4. Select the Extensions or Appearance panel.

5. Select an add-on and click Disable.

6. Click Restart now (your tabs will be saved and restored after the restart).

To disable your Internet Explorer extensions:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click the Tools icon.

3. Select Manage add-ons.

4. Under Show, select All add-ons.

5. Select an add-on.

6. Click Disable and then Close.

To disable your Edge extensions:

1. Open Edge.

2. Click the More icon.

3. Select Extensions.

4. Right-click an extension and select Turn Off.

To disable your Safari extensions:

1. Open Safari.

2. Click the Safari menu and select Preferences.

3. Click Extensions.

4. Select an extension and deselect the Enable checkbox.

Try using another browser

To establish if this is a browser-related issue, please try opening your site using a different supported browser.

If using a different browser resolves the issue, we recommend reinstalling your problematic browser.

Try a different network connection

Please connect to a different Wi-Fi network. If you don't have access to a different network, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot with your mobile phone to troubleshoot live site issues. Note: Using a Wi-Fi hotspot is not recommended for troubleshooting Editor or ADI builder issues.

We are aware that some public institutions such as schools, universities, public libraries or government facilities, restrict access to certain URLs, including the Wix servers. If using a different network resolves the issue, we recommend contacting the relevant IT department at your location (if possible) to see if they can whitelist Wix.

Watter webblaaier-inproppe het ek nodig?

Flash- en Widevine-plugins is slegs nodig wanneer Internet Explorer op Windows 7 gebruik word. In alle ander webblaaiers moet hierdie plugins reeds geïnstalleer wees. Indien nie, kan hulle gratis aanlyn geïnstalleer word.

Hoe skakel ek JavaScript in?

Internet Explorer: kies die menu "Tools", kies dan "Internet Options" en kies dan "Security". Kies die “Default Level”. Klik op “OK”, en laai die bladsy dan weer.

Firefox: Firefox maak standaard die gebruik van JavaScript moontlik. As JavaScript nie werk nie, maak seker dat daar geen uitbreidings geïnstalleer is wat dit kan blokkeer nie.

Chrome: kies "Customise" en beheer Google Chrome (die ikoon met drie gestapelde horisontale lyne aan die regterkant van die adresbalk). Kies 'Settings' in die keuselys. Kies "Show Advanced Settings" onderaan die bladsy. Onder "Privacy", kies die "Settings" -knoppie. Uiteindelik, onder die opskrif "JavaScript", kies "Allow all sites to run JavaScript " -knoppie.

Safari: kies die drop-down menu "Edit" aan die bokant van die venster en kies dan "Preferences". Kies die "Security" -ikoon bo-aan die venster. Merk dan die “Activate JavaScript” -blokkie aan. Maak die venster toe om veranderinge op te slaan en laai die bladsy dan weer.

Watter webblaaiers is versoenbaar?

Op Windows 7 of hoër:

Firefox (weergawe 56 en hoër)

Chrome (weergawe 75 en hoër)

Internet Explorer 11 (slegs vir rekenaar, nie op Windows 7 ondersteun nie)

Microsoft Edge (weergawe 25 met EdgeHTML 13)

Op Mac OS X 10.5.8 en hoër:

Safari (weergawe 11 en hoër)

Firefox (weergawe 56 en hoër)

Chrome (weergawe 75 en hoër)

Op Linux: Chrome (mees onlangse, stabiele weergawe)

Hoe werk AirPlay (beskikbaar op Apple-toestelle)?

U kan die inhoud van AirPlay vanaf die SATOD-webwerf vir iOS (iPhone of iPad) na 'n slim TV (2de, 3de of 4de generasie) stroom. Sorg dat u iOS-toestel aan dieselfde Wi-Fi as u slim TV gekoppel is. Begin die vertoning op u iOS-toestel. As u inhoud kies om te stroom, sal u 'n AirPlay-ikoon in die regter onderkant van die videospeler sien. Kies hierdie ikoon en koppel dit aan u slim TV.

Hoe kan ek inhoud na 'n Chromecast- of Google Cast-toestel uitsaai?

U kan vertonings stroom vanaf 'n iOS- en / of Android-toestel uitsaai na toestelle wat Google Cast en / of casting in die algemeen ondersteun. Maak seker dat u iOS / Android-toestel aan dieselfde Wi-Fi gekoppel is as die Google-toestel. Begin die vertoning. Kies die Google-cast-ikoon wat op die video verskyn en koppel dit aan u Google-toestel. As u inhoud kies om uit te saai, sal die inhoud afgespeel word via die Google Cast-ontvanger.

Watter Android-toestelle word ondersteun?

Android-fone en -tablette met Android 4.4.0 of hoër.

Android TV-toestelle met Android 4.4.0 of hoër, insluitend:



Sony BRAVIA (Meer inligting)

Sharp AQUOS (Meer inligting)

Philips Android TV (meer inligting)

Let wel: As gevolg van verskille tussen vervaardigers, werk die stroming moontlik nie op alle toestelle nie. Die beskikbaarheid van aansoeke kan van land tot land verskil.

Is onderskrifte beskikbaar?

Onderskrifte is nie beskikbaar vir al die vertonings nie. Programme wat ondertitels het, sal aangedui word. As u aankoop afhanklik is van onderskrifte, sorg dat die vertoning wat u graag wil sien die onderskrif funksie ondersteun.

Aanbevelings vir internetverbinding snelheid

Hieronder is die internet-aflaai-spoed aanbevelings per stroom vir die speel van vertonings op die South African TheatreOn Demand-platform.

0,5 Megabits per sekonde - Vereiste breë-band-verbinding-snelheid

1,5 megabit per sekonde - aanbevole spoed vir breë-band-verbinding

3.0 Megabits per sekonde - word aanbeveel vir SD-gehalte

5,0 Megabits per sekonde - word aanbeveel vir HD-gehalte

25 Megabits per sekonde - word aanbeveel vir Ultra HD-gehalte

Is die betaalpoort veilig?

SATOD maak gebruik van slegs een betaal poort, Peach Payment, wat 'n Kaapstadse maatskappy is wat uitstekende ondersteuning en gevorderde instrumente vir die opsporing van bedrog bied, waaronder: ware-tyd kontroles om transaksies te skerm, ware-tyd risiko kontrole, 120+ gevorderde algoritmes om bedrog, integrasie met derdeparty-risiko diensverskaffers soos kleinhandel besluite en 3DSecure op te spoor en te voorkom.

Metodes van betaling

SATOD gebruik tans twee betalings metodes: betaling met debiet- of kredietkaart, en Secure Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT). Sorg dat die kaart wat u gebruik om u aankoop te doen, nie verval het nie en dat u nie die aanlyn-betalings limiet bereik het voordat u dit aangegaan het nie.

Kan ek 'n terugbetaling kry?

Indien u nie toegang tot u aankoop het nie as gevolg van 'n fout op die SATOD-platform, sal SATOD u terugbetaal. Kontak ons ​​direk via ons chatbot wat aan die regterkant van u skerm van u toestel (tafelblad) of onderaan die skerm (mobiele toestel) gevind word. Ons sal ons bes doen om seker te maak dat u dit wat u gekoop het, ontvang, en ons sal enige foute wat opgetree het, oplos.

SATOD kan u aankoop ongelukkig nie terugbetaal as u nie tevrede is met die virtuele vertoning wat u gekyk het nie. As u per ongeluk 'n kaartjie vir die verkeerde produksie gekoop het, kontak ons ​​via ons chatbot vir verdere hulp.

Hoe lank moet ek kyk na die virtuele teater ervaring wat ek gekoop het?

Aan elke produk word 'n verstrykings tyd van die aankoop toegeken, volgens die versoek van die inhoud regtehouer. Die meeste van die vertonings op ons platform sal vanaf die aankoop datum vir 48 uur beskikbaar wees, maar dit kan wissel van produksie tot produksie. Sodra u die aankoop gedoen het, sal u 'n e-posbewys ontvang en die vervaldatum en tyd word in hierdie e-pos verstrek.

Ek het 'n kaartjie gekoop, maar kan net die voorskou sien.

Maak seker dat u aangemeld is op u rekening voordat u die video wat u gekoop het om te sien, afspeel. As u slegs die sleepwa kan sien, is u waarskynlik van u rekening af aangemeld.

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