Scenes on Screens: Who, What, Where, When, and Why Not?

Scenes on Screens, what is it? Well, it originated as the instagram account of comic and clown Sophie Joans. And then "lockdown" hit. And suddenly, this small, personal platform transformed into a virtual stage to support and maintain the visibility of artists.

As the days under lockdown unravelled and warped, bleeding in to one another, Scenes on Screens played host to a variety of performances from storytelling, and poetry, to stand-up, and burlesque through daily livestream performances.

Now as we enter a new phase of daily existence, and artists must ask themselves how they move forward, Scenes on Screens has evolved once more, offering a safe space for play and experimentation. Whether it is clowning, theatre, stop-animation and singing, or any number of formats and styles, Scenes on Screens celebrates the ways in which artists keep performance alive in a digital age.

But what does this mean, and what does this look like?

It means that Scenes on Screens is continuing to stage fresh and exciting work, but has shifted away from the practice of daily livestreamed performances towards a curated, monthly experience. This 'experience' comes together as a singular video which can be rented on South African Theatre On Demand. Anytime. Anywhere. For R60. For R60, you can watch any single season for 72 hours; so, if you only have time for a little bit you can watch the season in parts. Or, if you love it, you can come back to watch the season again and again.

We're all in the process of asking what makes theatre theatre, and how do we keep the essence of theatre on a digital platform. Scenes on Screens explores this curiosity in a tangible way. Theatre is a many splendored thing: A relationship between an audience and artists; a process of learning and playing; a progressive space for experimenting; a home for nostalgia and an allowance to feel things. Scenes on Screens seeks to share work which evoke these experiences.

“Scenes on Screens | Season One” is now streaming on South African Theatre On Demand. Watch it here!

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