• Stefan Erasmus

The Importance Of Adding Value

When scrolling through social media you are bombarded with everyone desperately trying to grab your attention.

Desperately trying to get you to "like & comment" to "subscribe & hit that bell" and the dreaded "buy this product and your life will change" pitch. 

Social media has descended into a pit where dreams die and meme culture rules them all. 

But let's supposed you are wanting to grow your business. This could be a personal brand or a service / product. 

Social media is the perfect place to do that and because of the world's current pandemic, it's one of the only places you can do it.

So you might be saying "but Stef (that's me, the author of this article) I want to stand out from the rest, I don't just want to be another spam bot spamming people's accounts with the same old k*k" 

And to that I say. 

Look no further young Padawan. I will give you the secret to boost your online presence and grow your personal brand or business. 

Are you ready? 

The secret ingredient is VALUE

"What Stef, is it that simple?"

Yes. Yes it is that simple.

As a consumer myself I look for value all the time. "How is this post going to help / improve my life?" After all, I am giving up my most valuable resource - time.

Therefore when posting to social media, whether it is for business or fun, you should ask yourself. 

"What value am I bringing to the people consuming this post?"

To help you on your journey of social media domination I've listed a series of questions you can ask yourself before you make your next post.

What is the purpose of this post? 

Really sit and ask why? Why am I making this post? 

*Just as a disclaimer, I'm not talking about making a post to "grow my audience" or to "gain likes". I'm talking about the desired outcome you want your audience to have from your piece of content.

Are you: 

  • Planting A New Idea

  • Changing Perspective

  • Taking Action

This is very helpful as it will give your post more direction. The narrower you can make it the better! 

Essentially it boils down to what are you asking your audience to do.

What approach do I want to take?

Is this post going to be educational, entertaining, motivating, serious, funny etc? 

Your approach or framing is important.  Again this will help provide focus. Just like if you watch a movie classified as a comedy, you know what to expect, but if it's a comedy, action, adventure, thriller, crime documentary it runs the risk of being way too broad. 

You can't include all 7 billion people in a single post. I've tried, it doesn't work. 

What is the desired feeling? 

You want your audience to feel something after viewing your post. 

Is it love, pain, anger, amazed, inspired etc?.

It's important to really try and be specific about it. The more direction you have the better chance you have for engagement. 

To sum up! 

Creating a post that has a very specific intention is going to yield better engagement. 

Better engagement can translate to generating more sales.

Think of every post as a mini story.

There is a beginning, middle and end. You are taking your audience on a journey. You owe them that after all they are never getting back that time.

Do you agree with this reasoning? I know that this is not the case for every social media account.

People with private accounts might only want to share posts to other family members or close friends. Your mother will be perfectly content with a picture of you chilling at the beach, but to a wider audience they might be asking themselves, why the hell am I looking at this?

Either way let me know your thoughts on the subject by leaving a comment below.

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